BestDrive Stellenbosch Tyre Fitment Centre offers professional wheel alignment and wheel balancing services to, not only, ensure that your vehicle is safer on the roads, but also to help prolong the lifespan of your tyres.

Negative effects of unbalanced wheels

Wheel balancing and wheel alignment is an important part of ensuring safer driving on the roads. Wheels that are not balanced cause the steering wheel to vibrate which negatively affects the driver’s handling of the vehicle.

An increase in fuel consumption is also evident as the unbalanced wheels increase the need for additional energy when driving. Your suspension and steering components, rotating parts and tyres will also experience premature wearing due to unbalanced wheels.

If you choose to ignore the above symptoms and do not balance and align your wheels, you will not only endanger your life when driving on the road, but the wearing of the parts of the vehicle will also be very expensive to replace in the long run.

Wheel alignment and wheel balancing should be done every 10 000km or once per year.

Wheel alignment and wheel balancing are two different services:

Wheel balancing enables tyres to spin without causing any vibrations and is required every time tyres are fitted or dismounted for repair. During wheel balancing, your wheels will be diagnosed by a special machine and then balanced by affixing weights to the rim.

A wheel alignment consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the car manufacturer’s specifications. Potholes or bumping a curb are some of the many reasons a car’s wheel alignment may need to be corrected. This procedure reduces tyre wear and ensures that the vehicle drives straight.

BestDrive Stellenbosch Tyre Fitment Centre is able to offer our customers both of these services, ensuring that your wheels are in top condition for the road.