Our battery fitment centre’s product and service offering is comprehensive and includes the best car battery prices and battery deals, from a wide range of quality batteries.

An added benefit from buying your car battery from our BestDrive Stellenbosch dealership is that when your battery fails, BestDrive will test it and if necessary, will replace your battery as professionally and quickly as possible. We stock an extensive range of new car batteries from leading suppliers such as Topstart, Willard and ValuePower batteries. These are available at competitive prices.

Car battery warning signs that you may need to replace your battery before it’s too late:

  • Your dashboard warning light appears in the shape of a battery, this is the most noticeable warning sign that your battery is experiencing problems and may die soon.
  • You begin to notice that your vehicle is taking longer to start than normal.
  • You find yourself having to give your car a little gas to help get it to start.
  • You notice that your car battery case appears to be swollen due to being exposed to excessive amounts of heat or cold.
  • Your car appears to be giving you problems as it sometimes will not start.
  • You begin to notice that you regularly have to jump-start your car’s battery even if you did not leave the headlights on.

To avoid experiencing the above battery-related problems, we advise that you inspect your car battery every year after it has reached the three-year mark to avoid your vehicle not being able to start. Contact BestDrive Stellenbosch battery fitment centre today for advice on your car battery and to find out about any car battery specials and deals we may be having.