BestDrive Stellenbosch tyre fitment centre offers our customers a variety of quality exhaust systems fitted, professionally, by our friendly staff.

We stock leading exhaust brands such as Tuffex at competitive prices.

At BestDrive Stellenbosch, you can enjoy the convenience of expert advice from our professional staff. They will first assess your car’s exhaust on whether it needs to be replaced and, if it does, they will assist you in the fitment and advice on an affordable replacement.

Benefits of a new exhaust system:

Improved fuel consumption

When fitting a new exhaust system on your vehicle this can impact the amount of fuel your engine uses when you are driving your vehicle and even though the changes will not make a huge difference there will definitely be a noticeable difference in your fuel consumption.

Improved sound

If your car’s exhaust was quite old and started to make a noise, then a new exhaust can greatly improve the sound of your engine.

Improved vehicle performance

While a new exhaust system might not add extra power to your engine, it will improve your car’s performance. The crucial parts like mid-pipes, catalytic converters and exhaust headers will work more efficiently to create an overall positive effect on the car’s performance.

Reduce carbon emissions

A new quality car exhaust system can also help reduce air pollution, therefore, minimising your carbon footprint on the environment.

Contact or visit BestDrive Stellenbosch today to find out about the quality exhausts we have to offer and any exhaust prices and exhaust specials we may have on offer.