VERIDOT® is a unique asset identification, protection and recovery system. An ABS approved product of Holomatrix (Pty) Ltd, VERIDOT® utilises microdot technology together with an advanced online database so that the microdots can be accurately and quickly identified.

By utilising thousands of microscopic identifiers, VERIDOT® ensures that your vehicle is easily identified in the unlikely event of a hijacking or if it gets stolen. VERIDOT®’s advanced technology ensures that all our microdots:

  • Are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to remove
  • Contain a microscopic DNA that is unique to the owner
  • Most importantly, are a cost-effective “once off” investment in high-tech security.

Our technology not only acts as a major deterrent to criminals, but it will also significantly improve the chances of recovering vehicle.

VERIDOT® is your solution to protect your vehicle!


10,000 microscopic dots which clearly identify you as the rightful and legal owner of your vehicle are sprayed onto specific parts of your vehicle
Warning stickers are neatly placed in clearly demarcated areas of your vehicle, to deter any suspecting criminal
Your name and contact details, coupled with your personalized vehicle DNA are stored on our national database. Easily uploaded during the fitment process
All law enforcement officers as well as the insurance companies can identify your vehicle at the push of a button

Our superior system does not compromise on quality and will drastically reduce the chance of you or your loved ones being the victim of another hi-jacking.

Bestfit Stellenbosch is an Approved VERIDOT® DNA Assets Fitment Centre. Call us now to make a booking: 021 887 2151