Motorsport legend, Hannes Grobler, set off the tyre test when he asked Leisure Wheels which all terrain tyre was the best in South Africa.

Hannes and the Leisure Wheels team tested 15 of the most popular all terrain tyres available in South Africa. They travelled from Gerotek near Pretoria to the Mountain View 4×4 trail in the Kalahari, near the Witsand nature Reserve and carted 60 wheels and all-terrain tyres all over the show to find out which was the best all-rounder in the game.

Tests that were done:

Sand driving

Wet track and brake test

Dry track and brake test

Gravel track and brake test

The results

15th – Mickey Thompson Baja STZ – Overall average 85.59%

14th – BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO – Overall average 87.14%

13th – Velocity Raptor – Overall average 88.21%

12th – Dunlop Grandtrek AT3 – Overall average 90.33%

11th – Maxxis 700 Bravo A/T – Overall average 90.47%

10th – Cooper Discoverer A/T3 – Overall average 90.57%

9th – Yokohama Geolander A/T-S – Overall average 91.41%

8th – Kumho Road Venture A/T – Overall average 91.46%

7th – Pirelli Scorpion ATR – Overall average 91.66% – BEST Dry Handling

6th – Hankook Dynapro AT-M RF10 – Overall average 92.70%

5th – Bridgestone Dueler 694 AT – Overall average 92.76%

4th – Goodyear Wrangler AT/SA – Overall average 93.27 – BEST Sand Handling

3rd – Apollo A/T – Overall average 94.49% = BEST Dry Braking

2nd – Continental CrossContact AT – Overall average 95.64% – BEST Gravel Handling


1st – General Grabber AT – Overall average 96.95%

BEST Wet Handling at 00:59.80 – 100%

BEST Wet Braking (60-0 km/h) in 16.66m – 100%

BEST Gravel Braking (60-0 km/h) in 21.86m – 100%


While all these brands are available at Fastfit Stellenbosch (A ContiPartner), we proudly specialize in the top 2 brands:

General Grabber AT: The Grabber AT provides strong grip and excellent handling, both in off- and on-road conditions. It’s robust construction provides protection against damage to the tread pattern and side wall area. The technology used in the Grabber AT ensures comfortable handling combined with high mileage potential. The compound and the tread pattern were developed with a focus on maximum safety for both off- and on-road driving. Compared with its predecessor the braking performance on wet roads and noise reduction have been improved. This makes the Grabber AT an excellent all-terrain tyre for use on and off the road. Continental Cross Contact AT: The Continental Cross Contact AT tyres are 4×4 tyres, which ensure high level performance for 4×4 vehicles, irrespective of terrain. These tyres are used frequently for off road expeditions as they provide high levels of traction, grip and safety without compromising on ride comfort. The tyres perform well in the following areas: Handling Characteristics and Steering Responsiveness Safety on Wet Surface Tyre Durability High Mileage Performance Ride Comfort