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BestDrive Stellenbosch stocks a variety of quality car brakes, brake pads, brake discs and brake equipment for your convenience.

At BestDrive Stellenbosch, customers can find comprehensive product offerings which include a range of affordable, high-quality brakes. With brands, such as Safeline brake pads, Ferodo brakes and ATE brakes, our customers are guaranteed the choice between high standard brake products for their vehicles.

Brakes are a very important safety feature of your vehicle and to ensure you are well protected please read over our brake checklist:

  • Your steering wheel shudders when braking.
  • Your vehicle cannot perform an emergency stop and takes longer than usual to brake.
  • Your brake warning light appears on your dashboard.
  • Your vehicle pulls left or right when braking.
  • Your vehicle makes high pitch noises when braking.
  • Your brakes start making a clicking noise when the brakes are applied.
  • Your brakes make a grinding noise when the brake pedal is pressed. This could also mean that you might have to replace your brake disc as the worn-out brake pad has caused the brake disc and brake calliper to rub together. By checking your brake pads regularly this will help prevent the need to replace the more expensive brake parts.
  • Your brake pedal vibrates when you press your foot down on it.

If you can relate to any of the above, then please contact or visit BestDrive Stellenbosch brake fitment centre, where we assist you in finding the best deal from our range of quality and affordable brake pads and brake discs.