ATE products have been trusted by many international car manufacturers as uncompromising on safety, with many innovations and improvements introduced by ATE throughout decades.

The ATE product range includes brake pads, discs, shoes, master- and wheel cylinders.

ATE is renowned for its premium quality brake pads and discs. All ATE brake pad formulations are locally developed to deal with the specific driving conditions in South Africa (whilst conforming to global regulatory standards). Depending on the application, replacement clips are supplied with many brake pad sets.

ATE brake shoes for passenger vehicles and LCV’s are quickly gaining acceptance in the aftermarket. These are not re-bonded but rather manufactured with new components. Core returns are therefore something of the past! So are arguments about non-acceptance of damaged cores. The greatest advantage to all concerned is the improved safety aspect of fitting a brand new component.

ATE also offers a range of hydraulic master cylinders and wheel cylinders for popular applications. These cylinders are of premium quality and adhere to the highest industry specifications.

ATE products are available at Stellenbosch. Contact: 021 887 2151