1) Check your tyre pressures regularly. Uneven inflation between tyres affects the driving qualities of your vehicle and makes the tyres wear unevenly. Check your tyre pressures when they are cold. Don’t bleed the tyres (let the pressure out) when they are hot.

2) Rotate your tyres between the front and rear axles after every 5,000 to 10,000 kilometres as the tyres wear differently in different positions. Remember to check tyre pressures when changing tyres.

3) Check wheel alignment: Do have wheel alignment checked in line with the manufacturers specifications – don’t just have the front wheels aligned. Wheel alignment should also be checked if have hit a ‘pot hole’ or the curb and when you see irregular wear on the tyres. Don’t climb curbs to park the car – this is one of the greatest causes of putting the wheel alignment out on a vehicle.

4) Wheel Balancing: Wheels should be balanced when you feel the slightest sign of vibration on the steering. Don’t just balance the fronts – balance all of them.

5) Drive smoothly. Panic braking and side-slips shorten the useful life of tyres and this is particularly true of studded tyres.

All tyre safety checks done at BestDrive Stellenbosch.